Sunday, September 7, 2014

Have you really given it?

Two thousand and two errands,
Six thousand and two utterances,

Ten thousand and two intentions,
All with the same vigor,
Yet no result
No use benefit or rigor.

A cake remains a food,
Till it reaches an occasion,
Where it becomes a delicacy,
Taste - whatever may be.

Words - Love, Care, Protection,
Chivalry, Anger, Revenge,
Abstract they will remain,
Source - whatever may be,
Meaningless they will remain.

Does it really matter my friend,
What you feel, when you act, say or think,
If that feeling has not reached the other,
No point of anger, if not felt pain,
No point of praise, if not felt recognized,
No point of love , if not felt loved.

It matters not that you give what you expect from others,
It matters that you give what is expected of you.
God bless.

Grey Sky

Something that is not there,
With something that is there,

Whatever you dont need
With whatever you have in abundance,
The darkness of ignorance,
Of pain grief and vagueness,
The whiteness of the light,
The light of wisdom,
The brightness of hope,
A mixture of all, a completely
New Entity - The grey sky.

One of those mixtures,
That keeps you guessing,
Like the happiness of a women,
Inconceivable of the outcome,
A rain or a clear sky,
Drizzles here and there,
Teasing those wanting to play,
Clouds engulfing the sky saying,
"Boss, I am a boss".

While one waits for the next,
One stops to wonder,
How beautiful this mixture itself is?
Teasing drizzle, no light but enough to enjoy,
Coolness enough to smile,
Vagueness and uncertainty just enough
To wonder and amaze.

So is life, my friend,
A grey not a black or white,
Next is always uncertain,
Dark or light no one knows
But always guessing,
But if you stop for a while,
You will know that the present
Is so beautiful, a small arrest of time,
Is worth a lifetime.
Lets life it out buddy,
Dark or light who cares,
Lets gray it out,
Lets gray it out.

Ouch, its raining now!

This is life!

When what you think you can never get
When what you imagine you can never see

When there is nothing real than what is in the mind,
When the whole universe seems to conspire against you,
When the only reason you are alive is to let go,
When nothing that you want never comes with you,
When nothing you ever hope never sustains,
When the only thing you love was meant to go away from you,
When the world is in your footsteps awaiting to kill you,
When the life you wanted to live never lived at all,
When the last breath of yours kept coming again and again,
When patience - the only virtue is broken till the last end,
When pure love is but an ideal and prejudice is but a reality,
When God is more a ritual than an irrational self,
When you decide that you are not want you want to be,
When you decide that you are what you are expected to be,
Backward or forward or primitive or cool or whatever,
When you know you have to bite that reality,
When you know that reality is to kill you,
When you know that what you think is never there,
And what is there can never be thought of,
When you have to simply let go of yourself,
Your life, your only purpose to survive.
That moment you realise only thing.

This is life!


When the nuances of fate push you down,
When the unreasonable occupy the few spaces

Left in the mind,
When the blood of circumstances encompasses
The life in you, when the lies called perception,
Tend to determine your existence,
When the uncontrollable result of your action,
Determines your action and not the action itself,
When the whole world comes to a stop while you are alone awake,
When the unyielding seed of doubt flourishes in your mind,
When the bottlenecks in your mind are your prejudices,
When the stone of failure pushes you to the depths of the sea,
Unable to come out, unable to live further,

Following you shall remember, my friend,

It is a push that got you into the world,
Circumstance is only an event,
In the unconceivable dymanics of life,
Action is stronger when it is meaningless,
And done for the mere joy,
Doubt is only a itching emotion,
The clarity life will give by itself,
Its the dark lead that brings the perfect sketch,
When the world is but the way you look at it,
Whats the point how it is, if you cannot control
The way you look at it,
The more you push, the quicker the reaction,
The stone will pull you down,
But when you struggle with all your life,
A moment will come when the rope will lose
You will push ahead
Towards the top, towards the shore,
Towards a fresh breath in life,
Rise, you shall, my friend,



As you stand with your two feet,
Looking up, down and beyond,

All you see is vastness,
The idea of a significantly expanding,
The reality of a never ending,
Unlimited destiny.

Vastness of the sky,
Never ending monotony,
Of the deep blue sea,
Never ending count,
Of people you see and meet.

Never ending journey of life,
Meaning one derives from it,
Like from drinking glasses
Of the nectar from the vastness
Of being.

The idea of ideating,
Imagining with no discretion,
Freedom of thought,
Extent of emoting,
Depth of thy observations,
Vastness in everything,

Search to conquer
Always has been,
Conquer the vastness,
Of material, thought and being,
Conquer - never one really does,
But expand always - it happens.

The more you think,
The more you can,
The more you do,
The more you can,
The more you feel,
The more you can,
The more you imagine,
The more you can,
Vastness only expands.

Tiny you might appear,
In this madness of vastness,
It is the morsel of sand,
That makes the beach,
You are always the vastness,
You are but it,
It is but you.

Vastness of all,
Unending journey of search,
Lies within my friend,
The vastness of your own potential,
Deep inside you shall swim,
The more you shall,
Close in on thy soul,
You shall never conquer,
But you shall always expand.

Never ever think,
That your life is not vast,
End you might with death,
But persevre you shall,
That the life you live never dies,
Ever lasting and unending,
It shall leave an impression,
For as long as vastness exists,
So shall you, my friend,
So shall you.
Fear not, I shall come with you.

Soundless Water Colour

As I stand alone,
Looking at the still water in the lake,
With the blue colour of the sky,
And a slight tickling sound of its ripples,
So I start thinking,
What is me, what is it, what is everything.

With the real quality less water,
The most adaptive of the beings,
With nothing, yet with everything,
The Soul of Man - The wisest.
Reveals itself.

Yet the colours on the water,
Ever changing with the moods
Of nature!
The emotions forming a veil
On the innate good and ever
Bright soul of Man,
Emotions ever changing with the moods
Of human nature.

The light blue of the sky,
Arising out of the grey of the morning,
Dawn with the true reflection on the water,
With birds waking up, sounding its arrival
Man's inquisitiveness , his curiosity,
His search for light,
The calmness of the mind,
The peace within, insight into himself,
Beginning of life.

Sun rising, wisdom growing,
Happiness throughout,
Hope of prosperity,
Happiness and Joy,
Hope - A never ending search,
A newly married couple,
A birthday boy, A promotion,
The idea of getting conceived,
The feeling when the dream girl,
Says yes.
Reflection of the sun rising - the water shows,
In all its yellowness and birds chirping,
Swans entering the picture,
Fishes swimming with glory.

Sun at peak. heat at maximum,
Golden water at noon,
High sounds of everything,
The peak of the light,
The limit of joy, the beginning
Of Anger, arrogance and ego,
That momentous feeling
Of being King, of foolishly
Thinking to have conquered
Everything that was, that is and ever will be.
Not realizing that it is the beginning,
Of the end.

The Sun dies down,
Slowly, but dies it surely does,
The Golden to Yellow to Red,
A slow fall, birds and sounds die down.
All that has to rise has to fall,
The same way, the same manner,
Happiness to sadness,
Ego unaware, not willing to accept,
The eventual decline.
Betrayal - it is so.

From orange - the last bit of light,
Enters the dark - The grey, the black,
The alter ego of light,
The eventuality of every man,
Grief, ignorance and pain,
The feeling of the soul getting ripped,
From its very existence,
The feeling of every drop of blood,
Filled with the poison of reality,
Unable to see further,
Unable to proceed,
The intensity of the emotion
Staying within, waiting to burst out,
Yet unable to do so,
Tonnes of pain, and heavy loads
Of despair and desperation,
The darkness, the intensity,
Water shows in its dark colour,
Stars and moon - hopes here are there,
Nowhere to match the overwhelming,
Reality of darkness.
Death - It is.
Darker and darker it grows,
Through the night,
Silent as death itself,
No place for any life,
Except the small ripples in the water.
An indication that you are not alone.

The moment of the last breath
Of existence, the darkest emotion,
When everything is out and man
Has nothing but himself,
Comes again a light,
The light blue of the sky,
Arising out of the grey of the morning,
Dawn with the true reflection on the water,
With birds waking up, sounding its arrival
Man's inquisitiveness , his curiosity,
His search for light,
The calmness of the mind,
The peace within, insight into himself,
Beginning of life.

All through the way,
Water it does, take a form,
And leaves a form,
Encompasses all,
Yet holds nothing,
Sticks to the sounds,
Yet represents the nothing,
Rain in the water,
Is all but water,
All the same,
Yet different,
Man - All he is,
Yes does not encompass,
The emotions - fluctuating
With time and circumstance,
Yet man is not them,
Yes he lives and survives,
With place and evolution,
Yet man is not them,
He is not what he thinks,
He is neither more nor less,
He is all that is,

The real him,
That water in the lake,
The rain merging with the water,
The water with all the colours,
The sounds , the moods,
He is all, yet he is none,
He is the quality less,
The Soul, the God,
The day he realises,
The colours, sounds and the water,
All are but one, my friend,
All are but one.
He becomes a Soundless water colour.


When a leaf falls from the branch
All its life dependant on the branch

Falls down, holds its breath it does,
Till the end, till it clutches on to something,
Anything for that matter,
But realises it does not,
That dependance does not have any meaning
Because its dead anyway.

One cannot live without something,
What is that something, no one knows,
Yet that something is a constant search,
Because one cannot survive otherwise.

Freedom people say is fought for,
Freedom people say is a birth right,
What freedom is there when gravity
Reminds us we are dependant on something,
Freedom is but a transfer,
From one dependance to the other,
A dependance liked.

When you love, you emotions dependant,
When you hate, your emotions again dependant,
When you earn, your spendings dependant on needs,
When you write, you are dependent on thoughts,
Dependance is a universal truth,
A truth never admitted.

Dependance, never permanent it is,
Shifts one from to one,
Parasite - survival with a host,
Irony - dependance is the host,
We are the parasites.
Needs change, emotions change,
Priorities change people change,
What not dependance, my friend,
Why not?

Person who you thought was with you always,
Is no more,
Possession you thought is best to hold,
Is lost or broken,
Values you thought best to uphold,
Is now diluted or changed,
What you wrote, you dont even remember,
Yet you are dependant on all these,
Yet you choose to place your life on all these.

Can you be independent,
Its like asking, can you be alien?
Dependence, on what you want to be,
A choice ever changing,
Whether God, yourself and those you love,
Your choice, though ever changing,
In the illusion of dependance,
Does exist an independence,
An independence - more real than ideal

To be in and be out at the same time,
To want and to let go at the same time,
To think and unthink at the same time,
To do and not do at the same time,
To attach and be detached at the same,
The world of the saint,
Is to be in everything,
Yet be in a frame of mind,
To be without.

The poor leaf that fell
Did not know to live without the branch,
It simply died.
Though this piece of writing,
Is dependant on it, my friend,
This piece of writing is dependent on it.